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“Learning with the School Library”: the case of the WEIWE(R)BE Programme in the Digital and Virtual School Ecosystem

Título:  “Learning with the School Library”: the case of the WEIWE(R)BE Programme in the Digital and Virtual School Ecosystem
Autor:  Cardoso, Teresa Margarida Loureiro
Mota, Eduarda Ribeiro
Cruz, Ana Carolina Ferreira da
Pestana, Filomena
Palavras-chave:  WEIWER® International Academic Network
School libraries network
Digital skills
Information literacy
Pedagogical innovation
Data:  2023
Editora:  IATED Academy
Citação:  Cardoso, T., Mota, E., Cruz, A. & Pestana, F. (2023). “Learning with the School Library”: the case of the WEIWE(R)BE Programme in the Digital and Virtual School Ecosystem. In A. Chova; A. Martínez & I. Torres (Edit), EDULEARN23 Proceedings, pp. 2282-2287.
Resumo:  The guidance document Learning with the School Library, produced by the School Libraries Network of the Portuguese Ministry of Education (RBE, 2017), focuses on the development of skills in multiple areas of literacy based on the strategic, curricular and pedagogical articulation between the school library and the classroom. Among the areas of literacy covered by this theoretical framework, in addition to digital literacy, transversally addressed, we emphasise information literacy, which aims to "provide students with knowledge that enables them to access, produce and use information critically and to communicate effectively, ethically and with social responsibility" (RBE, 2017, p.41). In this regard, it is essential to maintain and extend the focus on strategies that serve this purpose, drawing on work in the school context to promote core values in students' holistic education. We highlight those of freedom and responsibility within the framework of active and conscious citizenship, built and strengthened in a logic of collaboration and participation. The WEIWE(R)BE Programme, which we propose to present in this text, responds precisely to this challenge and is imbued with these values, focusing, in this case, on the digital and virtual school ecosystem. Thus, we will first systematise four of the main theoretical frameworks of the digital and virtual school, which we will consider alongside the aforementioned Learning with the School Library (RBE, 2017), namely the: European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators: DigCompEdu (Redecker & Punie, 2017); Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027) (European Union, 2020); Students' Profile by the End of Compulsory Schooling (Martins, 2017); School Libraries: Present for the Future. Strategic Framework: 2021-2027 (RBE, 2021). We will then dwell on the WEIWE(R)BE Programme, particularly its principles and practices. Finally, we will briefly reflect on the envisaged positive impacts of this Programme at the micro, meso and macro levels within educational, technological and institutional dimensions.
Descrição:  Produção científica Integrada no âmbito de projeto da UID4372/FCT Laboratório de Educação a Distância e Elearning, Universidade Aberta.
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